As a Columbus Native, Adriana grew up with the dream of one day having her own business that would be unique enough to separate herself from the norm.

After moving to Austin, TX and spending five years as a “foodie”, learning and getting inspiration from all the unique restaurants and food trucks,  Adriana decided it was finally time for her to venture towards her dream.

Lawrence Haddad had moved to Austin, TX from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and opened up a  Mediterranean restaurant with his family. He eventually ventured off into the corporate restaurant industry, managing for the next 10 years.

After meeting and realizing that they had the same dream and vision,  Adrina and Lawrence partnered up and opened up a mediterranean  food truck in Austin, TX.

With a baby on the way, they decided it would be best to acquire something bigger to make things a bit more comfortable. That’s when they decided to move to Columbus, NM and bring something different, delicious, and even healthy to Adriana’s home town.

They moved to Columbus in 2016 and opened up the restaurant April, 2017, bringing a large variety of options to the village of Columbus and all of its travelers.

Adriana is fascinated by nutrition and tries to bring as much fresh veggies and fruits to the menu. They both agree that quality is number one, from their 24 hour process of making their own cold brew coffee, to the top quality ingredients they use on every dish, to the top quality customer service they pride themselves on.

It brings both partners pride and joy to be able to serve their community and all of their guests, and they will continue to bring new items and ideas to the restaurant for many years to come!

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